Hello! I’m Loïc Lepinois.
A software developer based in Brussels

I have 7 years of experience as a developer and I'm passionate about creating high-quality products that promote social inclusion and diversity.

I am currently based in Brussels and specialize in web development, with frameworks like React or Angular on the frontend, Node.js on the backend, and React Native for mobile development.


Full-stack web development
Cross-platform mobile app development
Training and mentorship
User Interface and User Experience design


Senior Front-end Developer
Jul 21 - Jul 22
Front-end Development Lecturer
Jan 20 - Apr 21
Product Engineering Mentor
Passerelles Numériques
Feb 19 - Jun 19
Lead Front-end Developer
Mar 16 - Feb 19
Full-stack Developer Intern
Dour Festival
Jan 13 - Jul 13

About me

After my computer science degree from Ephec and UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, I worked as a lead Front-end Developer for a startup for three years, then left to teach Javascript and React to underprivileged youths in Vietnam and Madagascar. During my time abroad, I helped over 50 students become employable.
Now, I am back in Brussels and working as a freelancer. Recently, I finished a year-long project at Skipr and took a short break. I am available as freelancer for projects around Brussels area, and open for remote possibilities.
And now, here's a picture of me freezing my ass off, at the top of the "Aiguille du midi" in Chamonix.